It’s the dream of every person to travel the world. There are many places in the world which have historical and geographical background. Let’s introduce the 10 countries where going is no less than a dream.

1. France

The most famous and most visited museum of the world is in France. Monalisa, the world’s most precious painting, adorns this museum.  We are all familiar with the Eiffel Tower but Disney land park of Paris is like a dream world.

France has everything from snow covered mountains to sand mountains. There is something to attract everyone in the France, it deserves the crown and respect.

2.  Spain

The first picture that comes to our mind as soon as we take the name of Spain is Spain’s football team but European countries are also famous for their tourist destinations in the world.

In Spain we get to see different art which is nowhere in the world and who would not want to go to that country anyway, if people do not leave any shortcoming in the reception.

3. United States of America

Considered as the most powerful country in the world, America also has a special place in the minds of tourists all over the world. America is one of the few selected countries in the world where you can enjoy the mountains, desert, greenery and all together. So, the USA is also the best country to travel in the world.

4. China

China is the most populated country in the world as well as one of the best visited country. It is the most crowded during the Spring Festival of China. The unique confluence of ancient heritage and new world on Chinese soil itself attracts everyone towards itself. Everyone must have heard about the world-famous China wall, Gateway of China Temple of Heaven and Tere Kota Army Museum are also special centers of attraction for tourists. China’s growing transportation is also a major reason for the development of tourism there.

5. Italy

Italy is famous for history, art, food, music, architecture, religious places. If you want to see the aforesaid mentioned places then no country is best rather than it. The best time to travel in Italy is April- June, Mid September-October but you can also visit anytime in this country. I can definitely sure that you will like the mystery of Italy.

6. Mexico

Mexico is that country where people go for the most holidays. There are many famous oceans.

7. United Kingdom

As soon as we hear the name of London, we remember the beautiful scenes seen in the movies. London is the capital of United Kingdom. London is famous for entertainment, education, politics, fashion and craft. United Kingdom is also famous for museum, parkland, lakes, woodland and big football stadium.

8. Turkey

We can’t judge the beauty of Turkey because it is covered with three different oceans. This country is best to play any kind of sports because of weather of the country. If you are a religious person, then you can see many religious places, church there. Turkey is also famous for paragliding. A lot of tourists come to Turkey for hiking.

Istanbul’s central market is one of the old and big market of the world. It has 64 streets, 4,000 shops and 25,000 people work there.

9. Germany

If you want to enjoy during cruise in rivers then Germany is best country for you. Many Indian movies had also been shot in Germany. Church and road shows attract towards it. World’s big church is also there. The towns and villages have a different culture. Lakes and rivers of Germany are prominent nowadays.

Germany has covered with Danube, Elbe and Rhine. That’s why it is also the best place to travel in the world.

10. Thailand

Thailand’s people are very helpful. Everyone likes to go there. Thai people are also very welcoming and friendly. It is also comfortable to travel far there because the flyover and roads are A Grade there. This country is covered with great culture, temples and Bodh religion.

Thailand is comfortable and lovable country by the travelers because of transportation, street foods, rocking music, shops, nightlife and tuk-tuk.

Final Words

We have discussed the top 10 places of the world. You should also ever visit to these places, if you want to get different experience.

Have you ever visited to any of this place? And which?