Do you want to become expert in marketing?

If you want to become expert in marketing, then read the whole article very carefully. It helps the entrepreneurs, businessman to expand their business and it also helps the students to become successful in the field of marketing.

Firstly you have to know, what exactly is marketing?

Marketing is actually the perception in the minds of customers. It’s not just T.V ads, newspaper ads and other ads that you are thinking.

According to Sandeep Maheshwari “Sometimes people assumes marketing is Just about advertising and selling but this is not the whole story. It’s actually creating a perception in the mind of your customers”

You have to apply perception in the mind of your customers that your product or service is best. For this, you need to understand the fundamentals of marketing.

The Fundamental of Marketing

Marketing is rooted in the fundamentals human psychology. Marketing is same from many decades as is rooted in the fundamental of human psychology and it will not going to be change.

Marketing helps you to put good perception about your product. 

You need to understand the need of customers what your customer really wants? Then the products or services sell itself.

Satisfy your customers need, so that he/she will also refer other people. It’s a sign of good marketing.

It’s called word of mouth.

How Maggie is prominent nowadays? It’s because of word of mouth. If any person goes to the shop to bring Maggie, he/ she will say to the shopkeeper “Give me a Maggie” but it actually is noodles. It becomes the No.1 in the market because of word of mouth. It satisfy the need of customers, customers had a problem it takes too much time to cook noodles. Then Nestle makes a brand of noodles i.e. Maggie, which cook in 2 minutes. As its tagline is “2-minutes noodles”. It not only cooks in 2 minutes but also it is very tasty and delicious. That’s why people refer to other people after having it and it becomes word of mouth.

You also need to know How to communicate with your customers to become good marketer.

How to communicate with your customer?

Communication is the first step of marketing. It does not mean good command on the language that you are speaking, it’s just transferring the thought between customers and seller.

As I earlier told marketing is rooted in human psychology, so you have to communicate nicely with your customers to create perception. If your communication is good, then your product or service sells itself.

You should not have good command on English or any other language, it’s only transferring your thought to your customer.

How to improve your communication skills

  • You have to deeply observe to other sellers, how they are communicate with their customers, how they are selling their product to them, how they are convincing their customers to buy their products or services.
  • You should not think that he/she is your customer, assume he/she is your friend and starting deal with his/ her as a friend.
  • Interact and talk with your customers and trying to know what they really want. Then show your product or service that they want.
  • If you are facing any problem, then you can write what you thought, it helps you to improve your communication skills.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing has been in use by the sellers for a long time. Traditional Marketing includes T.V Ads, Radio Ads and Newspaper Ads. But it is bit expensive if we compare it with Digital Marketing. If you are using low and consumer great product then you can use traditional marketing to reach out to the people.

Nowadays, T.V & newspapers are present in each and every house in the world. But now many people spend more time on Smartphone and P.C. than T.V and newspaper. So you can use both traditional and digital marketing to market your product or service. Digital marketing includes Mobile Ads, SEO, etc.

Let’s have a look on the most important topic of marketing.

The CATT Marketing Funnel 

Every marketer is only use marketing to expand his/her business and to create wealth.

Here is a formula of wealth.

Wealth =n^CATT

Niche: Don’t do all things do what you want to do and what you know. You need to find your niche to success in your career.

Content: Create useful content that helps both customers and sellers, from your niche. Like blog, post, videos, and lead management.

Attention: You need to get aware people about your product. It is only done through S.E.O, Paid Ads, Social Media, referrals.

Trust: Trust is the only way to sell your product or service automatically. If your customers have trust on you then you don’t have need to do anything. You can use trip wires, marketing automation, retargeting to build trust with your customer.

Transaction: If you do the above-said steps correctly, then you don’t have a need to do anything. It sells your product naturally.

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How can you expand your business through Integrated Digital Marketing?

You need to use all the digital marketing steps to expand your business rapidly.

Digital marketing steps include Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Paid Advertising, SEO and Social Media, it automatically sell your product or service, if you use it as a right way. 

  • Start content marketing for making content.
  • Drive attention through paid advertising, SEO.
  • Build trust using Email marketing and Social Media.

Then it transact through sales and conversion

If you want to make your personal brand like Ratan Tata, Elon Musk, then read this carefully.

Personal Branding

What you need to do is? You need to constantly adapt the new realities and you need to constantly upgrade yourself not just what are you doing but also in marketing.

For Ex: A barber who know all latest haircut and he have all accessories in salon but he don’t know who to market himself then he can’t make personal brand.

You need to learn yourself to market yourself. Basically it’s a service that you are offering.

You can learn by it by observe those people who are on that level.

If you belong to India, you definitely hear “Naam Bikta Hai” (Name sells).

You don’t need any paid advertising after you become No.1 in the market.

Tata Motors is the one of the best automobile company in India. Who declares it best. Best is basically a perception not a reality. There are also many persons who also do best work but they are not best. You should not only do best work to become best but also to learn how to market your business/ service. You need to deeply observe to best people and then you will come to know who they became best in their field.

Mass Trust Blueprint

Mass Trust Blueprint is also the part of Personal Branding. It’s basically having six steps:

  1. LEARN- Learn the skill in which you are interested.
  2. WORK- Implement your knowledge in the corporate world and gain experience.
  3. BLOG- Write about your experience and achievement in the blog.
  4. CONSULT- Become a consultant and helps other people to grow in their business.
  5. MENTOR- Teach the group of people
  6. STARTUP- Start your own business

And then repeat this process.

Conclusion: I am definitely sure you have learned many things about marketing through this article. Let me know in the comment section which part of article you like the most?