There are lots of misconceptions about Thailand among people. So, let me clear the misconceptions and let me introduce to a different Thailand in this blog. After watching it I am sure you will feel this is a budget-friendly family destination or for a couple. Here, I am going to take you to a new destination which is very beautiful. Let me introduce you to Koh Phangan.

Koh Phangan situated in the South-East of Thailand. It is the 5th largest Island and is really very beautiful. You can do water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, you can go on a hike on a nature trail and most important thing to do relax on the beautiful clear beaches.

Let me tell you what could be your average expenditure on this trip on food, hotel and local travel. You can have Breakfast in 30-50 Bahts, lunch in 130 baht likewise dinner in 130 baht. So, total expenditure on food per day would be around 300 Baht and is equal to $ 9 dollar. For local traveling on the island then the average expenses would be around 200 Baht. You can get a bed in a hostel in 150 Baht, this is the minimum expenditure. You can add more money to get more luxury. So the total comes to 650 Baht per day.  

Trip expenditure mainly consists of 3 basic elements stay, food and local traveling.

  • Stay

You can get hostels in less than 150 Baht in Koh Phangan. (Baht is the currency of Thailand). So, this is for solo travelers or backpackers but if you are looking for a room for your family or a couple then a non-air-conditioned room would cost you a minimum 300 Baht which would have a double bed, attached toiled bathroom some of these properties are beach-facing step our for your rooms and relax on the sea facing recliners just relax, sleep eat and do whatever you want, get romantic no one is going to bother you.

In this country, no one is bothered by what you are doing you are going to see a few things in this country which may be surprising for you and an air-conditioned room will cost you 500 Baht. If you are traveling with kids then you can stay in a bungalow or villa, their rooms will cost around $24.

  • Food

One of the most popular dishes of Thailand called Pad Thai. It’s basically fried noodles with vegetables, you can add some more things according to your taste even non-vegetarian. So, one Pad Thai cost you around 125 Baht. It was good for 2 people. If you buy this from a Street market it would be much cheaper.

  • Local Traveling

If you are travelling solo or a couple, I would recommend you to rent a bike and then explore the island on your own. You can get a discount if you rent it for 2 consecutive days. A bike will cost you around 250 Baht. If you are traveling with your family you can rent a 4 wheeled drive car for just 800 Baht per day. You can get a discount if you take the car for more days