I will take you on a trip to 4 budget-friendly capital cities in Central Europe. This includes Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, Vienna, the capital city of Austria, Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic and Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. In addition, I will tell you how to pick your favorite city and explore it in just $200. The relevant expenses at the time of traveling are0 Cost of living, Food expense, the cost of exploring, public transport which also includes the expenses of various types of entertainment options. Let’s discuss one by one.

Whether it’s European music festivals, the infamous ruin bars of Budapest, Pub crawls and boat parties’ famous historical museums and royal palaces. 

  • Cost of living

Traveling on a budget does not mean always staying in hostels. So I’ll tell you how you can find private accommodations in just $25 to $35. Even if you are traveling alone, you can still befriend and socialize with local and fellow travelers. You can book your rooms from Airbnb.com. It gives you the best and cheaper rooms from others.

  • Food expense

Being a budget trip doesn’t mean that your dining options are limited to just supermarkets. So, I’ll tell you how you can enjoy the amazing, affordable local cuisines of these countries without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Public Transport

Public Transport is the best transport to move around the city and it helps you to manage your funds while travelling.

  • Flight Tickets

Always use Omio.com for book flight tickets in Europe. It is way cheaper than other modes.

  • Entertainment

The nightlife of Europe is the best nightlife from other part of the country.

So this are the ways through which you can manage your finance and visit in the above said countries @ $200 each.