Nikhil Saini is a successful Indian entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of DreamTrip. He became Asia’s first youngest billionaire in 2027. He is also a recipient of the Business World Young Entrepreneur Award. In Jan 2021, he started traveling in order to explore the world and after 6 months of traveling he decided to start his own travel company and in July 2021, he started his own travel company at the very young of 20 years.

He looked at the world from a different perspective from the beginning and he belief that traveling is the most important part of human life. It can change the overall personality of the person and in one of his interviews he says “To meet 10 people in your city or state is equal to meet 1 people outside of your state”.

He also has a YouTube Channel with the name Dream Trip and the channel has 10 million subscribers. He started the channel for those people who want to travel but they have not enough money to fund their traveling. He also uploads each and every video of his customer’s review and many more on the channel.

His main goal is to show the real beauty of India to the foreigners. This helps to both travelers and India’s Economy. Travelers can get different type of experience after see the beauty of India and in this way, it also fund to India’s Economy. He becomes successful to show the real beauty of India to millions of people. He has become the smile of millions of people. The branches of his company are overall in India and the main branch is situated at Chandigarh, India. He also lives in Chandigarh due to the work.

The great thing about him that mostly all the reviews of customers are positive and till date, not even a single employee left his company. This shows his dedication to the work.