Travelling is the most important part of human’s life. We can get different types of experience through travelling. Do you want to travel the world, but you don’t have enough amount of money to fund your travelling?

There are three things on which we spend lots of money. These are food, accommodation and transportation. Here, I will discuss 5 ways through which you can travel the world in less money or we can say that without money. You can get free accommodation, free food and free transportation.

5 Ways to Travel The World For Free

1. Choose Flight Smartly

If you book your flights tickets online, you find it costly. But online is the best way to book the flights tickets, if you use it smartly. You can book $500 flight ticket in just $300 through skyscanner (Skyscanner Ltd.). This site is used by 100 million people per month and is available in more than 30 languages. Skyscanner helps you to filter your flights tickets and you can book your flight tickets as heap as you can. Skyscanner is used in all over the world, I personally book my flight tickets through it so that I can reduce my expense of travelling.

2. Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking means get a free ride in car, bike or other vehicle from other persons or strangers. It is banned in some parts of Canada and U.S.A. but you can ask for a ride from people in city and other public places in the aforesaid countries. Many people in the world used hitchhiking to go from one place to another.

What you have to do to get a ride? You can ask from local people from where you can get a ride and if you found language problem then you can use Google Translator and then go to that place and stand with their back facing the direction of travel. Then extends your arm towards the road with the thumb of the closed hand pointing upward or in the direction of vehicle travel or you can simply write the name on paper in big letters where you want to go and do the same.

Hitchhiking helps you to get different experience from other ways and also helps to become your trip adventures. You meet with different type of people while hitchhiking and it will become you more intelligent. 

3. Stay as A Traveler

Accommodation is the big challenge in travelling. There are many countries, where you observe that the hotels are bit expensive. You can stay in another country for free with the help of or you can download mobile application.

Simply, you have to register in couchsurfing then you have to fill your personal details on it, then found a best host for you where you want to go and request his/ her to stay. After that, tell them when will you come. It is the best way to stay in other country for free, I also use this when I travel to the other country. You will get good experience from it, you can learn about the country’s culture, language and other things. You can also cooked your country’s dish at your host’s house and also serves to your host, if your host agree. It can also cover your food expense. Your host also tell you the places to visit in the country and your host can also go with you to visit the city.

Couchsurfing is the best way with which you can stay for free and you can also learn different types of cultures, languages. It also helps you to make new friends. It is completely safe, girls need not to worry.

4. Work in Other Country And Get Free Food And Accommodation

If you don’t want to stay as a couchsurfer, then you can use It provides you free accommodation in hostels and free food but you have to work in hostels, you can do any type of work whatever you want to do. It also depends on your skills, if you have good communication skills then you can teach communication skills. You can also teach English, if you have good English skills.

Then you have to go the website or mobile application and then search best hostel and select the work which you want to do. You can not only get free accommodation and food but also you can get good experience and it also helps you to make friends from different parts of the country and you can learn different culture, language through it. It also enhances your skills so we can say that you have double benefit of the same. You can also earn money for your flight tickets through working in another country.

5. Organize Your Own Trip

If you have the proper knowledge about the country, where you want to travel, then you can organize your own trip. You can ask from your friends, family members or your colleagues for the trip. If anyone will not want to go with you, then you can use social media to organize your trip. You have to posted your plan and travel expense on social media. If people found your post relevant, then they will surely contact you but for this you have to scheduled and organize all things i.e., flight tickets, accommodation, food and places where you will visit in that country. It helps you to enjoy your trip and travel the world for free.

Ending Word

We all face three challenges while travelling i.e., food, accommodation and transportation. Here, I have discussed five ways with which you can travel the world for free. Each way will give you different experience and adventure. I personally used all these ways while travelling and it make my trip memorable. Memorable trip also helps you to improve your physical and mental condition. It also helps you to make new friends and it will be helpful for you in future. Mostly every time, I realized that people get closer to me while using all these ways because they found it attractive.

Have you ever tried any of this way? And Which?