10 Ways to Save Money During Travelling

Do you want to save money while travelling? Then read this. There are three things on which we spend lots of money. These are food, accommodation and transportation. Here, I will discuss 10 ways through which you can save money while travelling. You can save money in accommodation, food, parties and transportation.

1. Buy less clothes, If You Are Going to Different Weather Country

Before going to the trip, you have to research about the weather of that country where you want to go because the weather can be hot or cold of that country. As you know that Switzerland is the coldest place and if you will travel to this country then you should not buy clothes from your country because you found it expensive and not so much hot if you belong to the normal weather country and you can buy clothes after landing to that country.

2. Buy Cheap Flight Tickets

You can save lot of money while booking flight tickets. You can book $500 flight ticket in just $300 through www.skyscanner.co.in (Skyscanner Ltd.). This site is used by 100 million people per month and is available in more than 30 languages. Skyscanner helps you to filter your flights tickets and you can book your flight tickets as cheap as you can. Skyscanner is used in all over the world, I personally book my flight tickets through it so that I can reduce my expense of travelling.

3. Avoid Flight for Land Crossing Country

You need not to buy flight tickets if your country’s land is attached to that country where you want to go. After VISA process, you have to hire a vehicle and then go to the country via land. It can also reduce the budget of travelling. It has different experience. Usually, people use flight for travelling but you can do different from other people by using this way. It is worthwhile to mention here that if there are two or more countries between your country and the country where you want to travel then you have to take the VISA of all countries but it will be costly then you can go with the flight.

4. Always Prefer Hostels Instead of Hotels

After reaching to the country, you should book hostels instead of hotels because hotels are expensive then hostels. In hostels, you meet with different types of people form all over the world. You will learn different type of culture, language and other things because there are people different parts of the world. You can make new friends there and if you are solo traveler then you can join your hostel’s friends to explore the city.

5. Buy Local SIM Card For Calling And Internet

Always buy SIM card after reaching to the country because if you recharge on your country’s SIM card, it will be expensive for you. You can use local SIM card for calling and for internet usage. You need both calling and internet because you have to check on Internet about the city and the tourist places of the city. You also need calling service to call your friends, relatives, family members and someone else. It will be cheaper than your country’s SIM card.

6. Cook Food at Your Hostel

If you are fond of cooking then you can cook food at your hostel. But you have to book hostel that also give you kitchen service. You can make your special dish for you and for your friends. If your friends like your dish then they can also make their special dish for you. Food is the thing which can improve your physical and mental condition. You should cook food at your hostel once in a day. It will also make your friendship better and also helps you to reduce your travel expense.

You can also organize parties with your hostel friends and there you can enjoy and meet different types of people and eat different types of food.

7. Always Prefer Local Transport Instead of Taxi

Transportation helps you to save a lot of money while travelling because you need a vehicle to go from one to another. If you hire a taxi for travelling, then it will be costly for you. You should use public transport like local buses, trains, metro trains and other public transport. People spend a lot of money to go to one place to another but local transport have less than half price from other transport. Local transport not only helps you to save money but also it helps you to get new experience and helps to learn more about the city.

8. Don’t Use Transportation for Short Distance

As you know that transportation helps you to save a lot of money while travelling, so you should not use any kind of vehicle for short distance. You can go there by walking. It not only helps you to save money but also helps you to explore the city more than others. It also helps you to make your body fit. I personally did not use any kind of vehicle for a distance of 3-4 Km.

9. Use Travel Friendly ATM Card

ATM card also help you save money while travelling. Before going to another country, you should research that which ATM card have less withdrawal charges than others. You can use the card which have less withdrawal charges. I mostly use VISA card for International usage. You can use your anywhere in the country such as hostels, restaurant, shops, stores etc. It will reduce your withdrawal charges and helps to save money.  

10. Eat Local Food

You should even try local food of the country. As I told you that you can cook food in your hostel once in a day, so other time you can try local food. Local food is cheaper than other food like food in big restaurant and at other places. It gives you different taste and also helps you to learn about the city more. First time, I tried local food of Thailand (Thai food) and feel different and unique taste.

Final Words

Here, I told you 10 ways with which you can save money in travelling through accommodation, food, parties and transportation. This not only helps you to save money but also helps you to get new experience and make new friends.

Have you ever tried any of this way? And Which?